Are you ready for "in litero" drug discovery?

Data Cleaning: In the modern world, data is everywhere. Data is often found in a messy and disorganized fashion. Data points may be duplicated or improperly entered. It may need to be collated and prepared for entry into a database. We can do all of this and ensure 99.9% accurate results in every analysis.

Data Analysis: If the cleaned data is going to be useful, it needs analysis – and it needs the very latest technology to do it justice. This is where we come in, generating analysis and developing solutions that add value to the data. It is founded on the core principles of creativity, excellence and inventiveness. This means that when you use our services, you can be assured of a high quality service and fantastic solutions tailored exclusively for your business.

We make sure that our clients’ businesses are at the heart of everything we do and we take a 3D approach to our work, that is, 1. Discovery 2.Design and 3. Delivery.

Discovery - Explore your data  

The first step in any project is for us to sit down with you and learn about your business and its needs. We’ll take a look at your existing data and other resources to get a better idea of how we can transform your ideas into useful, practical business solutions

Design & Development - Design the best solution  

Once we have a good idea of what you do and what you are looking for, we apply data mining and other techniques to your data. Wherever possible, we make use of open source software to help us analyse your data and find the answers you are looking for.  

Delivery & Maintenance - Deliver a successful product  

When we have finished the data analysis, we will transform this into a product that will add value to your business and break down the results very clearly for you. In our work, we focus on quality and simplicity to make sure your resulting product will be easy to extend and update as your business grows and you acquire new data.